April 23, 2013

Digital Transformers

Adam Reinebach, A Conversion Architect

By Steve Laliberte

Adam Reinebach, Executive Vice President of Marketing Services, SourceMedia


Late in the first decade of the 21st century, Adam spearheaded the transfer of SourceMedia’s websites from multiple internal platforms to one external platform.  The project was originally catalyzed by a need to centralize its content management systems and audience databases.  When the project began, SourceMedia was using three different CMSs and several in-house apps developed to service lead generation, e-list management, shopping carts, and website access control management.

Adam and his team recognized that this project presented a natural opportunity for a top-to-bottom review of the company’s website's performance and overall strategy.  Were the sites leveraging digital publishing best practices?  Were opportunities being lost to engage readers and convert them into return viewers and, eventually, subscribers who would share their demographic information in return for access to premium content?

The answers at that time were no and yes, respectively.  While he managed the technical process of transferring the websites to an external platform, Adam also led a strategic review and reconstruction that implemented new best practices to build engagement and ultimately increase online subscriber revenue.

Adam is an early adopter of a content-focused model of conversion architecture.  Briefly put, conversion architecture is the structure within which a website encourages visitors to take action while visiting the website and stay engaged with the brand.

In a recent webinar on conversion architecture, Adam likened websites to the institution of a church.  “What does a church do?  It opens its doors, it sometimes hosts special events, and it wants people to visit.  Ultimately, however, the church’s goal is to convert one-time visitors into regular attendees and – eventually – members.”  Churches must frequently ask themselves, “Do we offer information and events that are timely and informative and that meet the needs of our target parishioners?”

Digital publishers must ask themselves the same questions in order to engage visitors and convert them into subscribers.  Conversion architecture is the process by which this is achieved.

Adam eventually accomplished the transfer and conversion architecture-based rebuild of 28 SourceMedia websites.  The black and white data clearly show that the changes in conversion architecture directly resulted in exponential growth in registrations and sizable growth in SourceMedia’s audience database.

As a digital transformer, Adam now “takes his show on the road” as executive vice president of SourceMedia’s Marketing Solutions Department.  He and his team teach the importance of content-based conversion architecture to SourceMedia clients and guide website development and redesign so that conversion receives the attention it merits – resulting in increased revenue and readership for SourceMedia publications.

IProduction is honored to provide the platforms for 33 of SourceMedia’s websites and to collaborate with Adam and other members of SourceMedia’s powerful team.