Belvoir Media Group

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Belvoir implements online marketing strategy with IProduction

One million online readers seamlessly managed to help Belvoir accelerate its online advertising growth

Belvoir Media Group publishes more than 31 titles.  In 2000, the clamor for a web presence for each title came from every editor and publisher.  As a result, websites began popping up from independent efforts and acquisitions and the situation quickly spun out of control.

IProduction was engaged to implement a web strategy that first involved creating subscription marketing sites for all publications.  This led to implementing a fulfillment interchange with Belvoir’s fulfillment vendor to automate the processing of subscriptions.  The next component of the strategy involved providing online versions of the larger publications.  Today, this has evolved into robust websites that provide a vibrant community for the brand's readers.  This includes free content, blogs, Facebook™ and paid subscription content. 

Established in 1972, Belvoir Media Group is a leading publisher of reader-focused magazines, newsletters, books, websites and electronic media.  Belvoir's information products cover interest areas that range from human wellness, antiques and sailboats to pet care, organic living and general aviation.

Since 2000, IProduction has assisted Belvoir in implementing 38 websites and now manages an audience of more than a million readers.