Remedy Health Media

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Using IProduction's conversion architecture, Remedy Health Media now reaches 100 million consumers annually.

Remedy Health Media publishes a health and wellness product line under the Johns Hopkins brand (John Hopkins is one of the world's leading research institutes).  The line includes subscription-based newsletters, books, and white papers.  The brand had been developed over the years through direct mail campaigns that were very successful.  The marketing department had developed a large inventory of successful direct mail campaigns including individual promotions and magalogs.

The cost of direct mail was increasing as response rates continued to decrease.  Remedy Health needed a new marketing platform for Johns Hopkins.

IProduction was engaged in 2006 to implement  This free service provides health tips on a dozen maladies.  The conversion architecture encourages the reader to register for a free health alert.  The alerts then promote products that relate to the readerís needs.  iProduction through the integrated audience database provided the ability to track a free registrations against the lifetime value of the customer.  With this information, Remedy Health is now able to fine-tune pay-per-click advertising that promotes the free HealthAlerts site. 

The success of this model led to the implementation of the site.

Remedy Health Media is the nation's leading provider of integrated consumer health education and reaches more than 100 million consumers annually.

Working with Remedy Health Media since 2006, iProduction now supports two websites with more than one million readers.