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Roll Call uses IProduction to ensure peak performance for its high-volume, online readers

A wholly-owned subsidiary of The Economist, CQ-Roll Call provides readers with up-to-the-minute news of the legislative and political maneuvers that happen every day on Capitol Hill. Founded in 1955 and widely considered the newspaper of Capitol Hill, Roll Call delivers breaking congressional news and behind-the-scenes intelligence on the people, politics and personalities of Capitol Hill. It also provides news and information that is considered indispensable for members of Congress and their staffs. is the internet presence of the Roll Call newspaper.† The siteís content is free for people who work on Capitol Hill; other non-qualified readers may purchase a subscription.† Although much of the siteís content is controlled circulation, also offers a free component that often covers breaking news.† Because Roll Call frequently breaks big political news, its stories can be listed on high-volume sites such as The Drudge Report.† Thus, the site must be able to support a significant influx of visitor traffic which can, without notice, see an increase in page requests substantially larger than normal demand (also known as a slash-dot event).

Since 2000, IProduction had provided with a highly scalable, fault tolerant platform that can economically service both regular demand and peak demand using a cloud architecture.† Roll Call also participates in the IProduction web developer program through which web developers utilize IProductionís open source template system to create and manage the design of the site.

In October 2012, Dennis Arndt, the CTO of CQ RollCall, described to the American Business Media Executive Forum how his company partnered with IProduction to plan and implement a premium content strategy to supplement advertising revenues.