November 2009

Improving Email Delivery/Open Rates

By Jackie Flaherty

We thought we would try including some articles that we've recently come across that may help you with your mailings or improving SEO. This article, featured on the Media Post is called Email's Antisocial Sin and it talks about using your sent mailings as a means for two-way communication with your readers. It argues that you should not use 'No-Reply' in the FROM field as that is dictating a one-sided conversation with your readers.

Media Post also has a relevant article on Customer Segmentation.

This same web site published this blog on Ways To Increase Conversions From Seniors. With the aging of the general US population, some of you may be interested in these tips for dealing with your mature readers and subscribers.

Another site with some general information on open rates, benchmarks, deliverability, etc., is Email Marketing Reports. You can visit their web site and also sign up for the email newsletters.

As you undoubtedly know, there are numerous blogs and websites that offer information on improving your site's performance. These are just a few that we have come across since the last iPug was sent out. This is not to say these are the best ones or the only ones, just a few to give you guidance as you make your way online.