Autumn 2010

Release Notes 5.14

The latest version of our product, 5.14, was released in mid September.  It included the following items:

  • File Manager - File size limitation on downloading files through Admin has been removed
  • FIM Import Confirmation Emails - Emails sent for FIM imports have been adjusted to display the environment sent (e.g., live site or QA site)
  • Top Level Domain List - Top level domain recognition has been expanded to include newer domains (e.g., coop, info, etc.)
  • Mailzeen List Import Failure Notifications - More accurate information is now provided when list imports fail
  • Admin Links* - Admin Links provides faster and easier navigation between front-end pages and back-end Admin pages (see also, Introducing the New 'Admin Links' Feature)

* Some new features require configuration and implementation.

For additional information on these features, please view our full Release Notes below.

Release Notes 5.14