Winter 2010

Sneak Peek at 6.0: Role-based Admin Permissions

Role-based Admin access allows clients to define the roles of Admin users in their organization and then assign users to or remove users from those roles as needed. When a role is defined, it dictates the access that is allowed for each role.

Common roles include:

Customer Support – These users will mostly be accessing the Customer Service tab

Editorial- Many publishers have editors who work off-site and all they need is access to and training in the Editorial tab

Media- Some of editors are responsible for setting up Quizzes or Polls, in which case a role that encompasses both of these activities (Editorial + Interactive Media) may be needed

Role-based Admin access is flexible and managed by the person/people at your company who have been selected to be System Administrators. The System Administrator will also have the ability to add new Admin users, a task which currently must be submitted to iProduction as a support request.

Click here to see a screenshot of the Admin roles console.