March/April 2011

Tips from CS: Expediting Your Requests

iProduction provides a variety of methods by which to contact us: via phone, via email, or via tickets.  Over the last two years, we have endeavored to develop and improve a series of procedures to improve tracking, documentation, and completion of our customers' requests and reports of problems.

One of the primary goals is to allow our support staff to complete tickets in the most efficient and timely manner possible.  By following the guidelines and procedures provided below, you can help our staff members expedite your requests.

Average, Everyday Strategies

The following are a few tips for utilizing the procedures so that we can quickly and easily complete requests or resolve problems:

  • Create a ticket first.  iProduction provides two methods by which tickets can be easily submitted: by email to "" and through the support form on our website.  By creating a ticket first, you begin the documentation process and can reference a ticket number in subsequent communications.
  • Watch for the AutoReply.  When you create a ticket in the Request Tracker (RT) ticketing system, you will receive an AutoReply email that contains the ticket number as well as instructions on replying to the ticket.  If you have not received the AutoReply within 15 minutes, please follow up with a phone call to our support line (651-717-4300, option 2).
  • Follow up urgent tickets immediately with a phone call.  Tickets related to items such as performance problems should be addressed as quickly as possible and a follow-up by phone ensures prompt attention.
  • Provide as much information as possible in the ticket.  Upon starting work on a ticket, it is common for our support staff to request additional information, often information that is required for completing the ticket. This can include links to the page(s) described, specifying which site (for those customers with multiple sites hosted on our system), and whether the problem is in website administration or on the front end.  By providing this information up front (our support form provides examples as reminders), you enable our support staff to immediately dive into the project or problem rather than spending time gathering information.

iProduction strongly encourages our customers to use the web-based support form rather than submit tickets by email.  Any required attachments can be added to a new ticket by replying to the AutoReply message, which also serves to confirm that the ticket was received and created. This form can be accessed from our "Contact Us" page on the iProduction website or by clicking the "Contact Support" link in the left navigation of all sites' Administration interfaces. However, we realize that there are times when it is impractical to use the form, which is why we provide the email method of ticket creation.

Urgent, After-Hours Procedures

Please follow the steps outlined below when an urgent need occurs after our regular business support hours*:

  1. Submit a ticket (if possible), following the guidelines above.
  2. Call our main support line: 651-717-4300, option 2.
  3. Provide your name, what site you are calling about, a phone number at which you can be reached, the ticket number (if applicable), and a brief description of the problem or request.  A support staff member will contact you shortly.

* Our business hours are 8am - 5pm Central Time, Monday - Friday, excluding major holidays.