January 15, 2012

Email Delivery System Upgraded

The old saying “Build it and they will come” is no longer true.  It has been replaced with “Deliver it and they will come.”  The ability to ensure that email reaches the reader’s in-box is critical to marketing, circulation, and building web page views.  IProduction has invested heavily in improving our ability to delivery email.  The following are several highlights.

ISP Delivery Rules

ISP and corporate email systems are flooded by spammers.  They are constantly implementing techniques to defeat spammers.  One of these techniques is called feedback loops.  This is a protocol implemented by the receiving email server that presents changing delivery rules.  For example, if AOL becomes busy, the feedback loop sends a “Slow down delivery”.  If a delivery server does not obey these rules, they are black listed.

IProduction has subscribed to new delivery technology that implements these new rules on an interactive basis.  This will minimize blacklisting and improve the sender reputations.  These are key to successfully delivering your email into the reader’s inbox.

IP Warm Up

As IProduction increases volume, new IP addresses must be used to increase capacity.  Spammers are always changing IP addresses to defeat black listing.  New IP addresses are very suspect to receiving email servers.  If a new high volume IP address shows up, it is instantly black listed.  Our new delivery technology provides for “warming up” a new IP addresses by using them in limited capacity until they develop a solid sender score. 

Message Security Through Domain Keys and DKIM

One technique applauded by the ISP community is signing messages using a secure certificate which validates the sender.  Implementing this technique instantly improves deliverability.  It reduces black listing and reduces an individual message’s SPAM score.  Signed messages are not as likely to be considered as spam. 

Faster Delivery and Scalable

IProduction now delivers email at the rate of 300,000 per hour per email delivery server.  We have also added additional delivery servers that have tripled our overall delivery capacity.

Delivery Monitoring and Audit

The new email technology allows us to monitor mail as it is being delivered on a client by client basis.  IProduction can now identify if a mailing is delayed and take steps to manage the delivery.  We can also audit the delivery on a brand, mailing, and recipient level.