October 14, 2011

SourceMedia EVP Spotlights IProduction at ABM Annual Conference 2011

Free trial registrations up; human resources costs down

IProduction is a partner “with a vested interest in our business,” said Adam Reinebach, Executive Vice President for Marketing Services at SourceMedia.  Mr. Reinebach was speaking in May at the 2011 American Business Media Annual Conference in Austin, Texas.

Over the course of 15 months, SourceMedia migrated 28 publication websites to IProduction’s platforms, including its flagship publication American Banker.  Mr. Reinebach revealed that SourceMedia saved over $2 million in human resources costs alone as a result of the migration.  The move also increased revenue – monthly trials almost doubled for some publications and were up overall after the move.

Watch Mr. Reinebach’s ABM 2011 presentation here.