October 17, 2012

Case Study: IProADB Integrates Autism File With Belvoir Media Group’s Company Systems

Belvoir Media Group LLC is a leading publisher of reader-focused magazines, newsletters, books, websites, and electronic media. The company’s information products cover interests from human wellness and organic living to antiques, sailboats, pet care, and general aviation. Over the past 10 years, Belvoir has evolved through the digital transformation and developed a proven model of online and print that features robust socially integrated websites.

Belvoir’s model is designed to convert unknown readers to free e-newsletter subscribers and then to paid subscribers.  The paid content model provides gating of website content and encourages ongoing sales of subscriptions and both print books and e-books, using a multiproduct subscription order flow to maximize the value of each sale.  Orders are connected in real-time to Belvoir’s fulfillment system through IProduction’s IProADB audience database builder, which collects all reader, e-newsletter, and sales data into one centralized database.  This allows enhanced reader analytics and analysis of sales data to help optimize promotions to maximize conversion.

Autism File already had a great website with a good reader base and lots of content.

When Belvoir acquired The Autism File magazine, it made sense to implement the same model.  The good news was that the magazine already had a great website (www.autismfile.com) with a good reader base and lots of content. The challenge was that it was using a different CMS—WordPress—than Belvoir was using for its other publications.

That is where IProADB’s WordPress plug-in bridged the gap.  The plug-in let the WordPress CMS join the other applications that were already feeding data directly to the IProADB audience database.  That way, when someone signs up for The Autism File e-newsletter, instead of entering a separate silo of WordPress data, they are added to the central Belvoir audience database.  This lets Belvoir use all of the order processing infrastructure created to interact with their fulfillment system. 

The results have been gratifying, says Greg King, Belvoir’s Senior Vice President of Circulation.  “We no longer have manual processes for handling Autism orders, and we can easily monitor our sales from various offers and sources."

IProADB's WordPress plug-in let Autism File'sWordPress CMS join other applications that were already feeding registration data directly to the IProADB audience database -- data like registrations completed on the "order form in editorial" (OFIE) pictured here.

IPro Audience Database Builder

IProADB fits neatly between the content management system (or in this case multiple CMSs) that manage your websites and the vendor systems that manage fulfillment, web seminars, email, and other reader-facing operations. 

The resulting database ties together all online interactions with the publisher including:

  • subscriptions and renewals
  • website registration data
  • web page views
  • e-newsletter opt-ins
  • email sends and opens
  • e-commerce purchases
  • leads generated
  • event attendance
  • whitepaper downloads and more

This eliminates overhead costs of developing interfaces between systems and transferring data. It eliminates delays due to batch processing. It allows CMS systems to present content and target advertising more effectively and lets you build a true “conversion architecture” to enhance your relationship with readers. In short, it creates economies of scale, producing a whole that is literally greater than the sum of its parts.