September 1, 2013

How to Add a Flux Capacitor to Your Digital Offerings

By Steve Laliberte

The media industry is in turmoil.  Once the darlings of investment bankers, media companies are struggling to slow the slide of print advertising revenue and find a way to increase digital and services revenues.  Everyday another media company shutters a print edition or cuts the frequency or distribution.  Worst of all many are now making severe cuts in editorial – their very life-blood.

Many media companies have shifted resources to build strong events businesses and increase marketing services.  They have decreased their dependence on print but have not yet replaced the print advertising revenues.  There is hope in the promise of increased digital revenue but publishers have not found a way to increase the value of the digital reader to equal or surpass the value of the print reader.

Foundations of Digital Publishing is a four part series that will provide a foundation and a set of best practices for establishing and growing digital revenues.

Seminar One: How to Add a Flux Capacitor to Your Digital Offerings
In this session three seasoned and successful digital media professionals will present an overview of using a flux capacitor to move your digital offerings into the future.  


Speaker 1:


 Scott Thompson

Vice President, Integrated Marketing & Sales Development

In addition to designing and maintaining a consistent brand identity across the entire ALM Real Estate Media Group platform, creating and producing business case presentations for all product lines, and measuring and reporting the effectiveness of our print/online/conference marketing opportunities to potential advertisers/business partners, Scott is responsible for the development and implementation of all audience building, marketing and revenue generating initiatives, including our widely read AM Alert newsletter series, our fully integrated social media/SEO strategies, and most recently, our industry expert Thought Leadership Custom Content program.


Speaker 2:


Adam Reinebach
EVP of Marketing Services

As EVP of Marketing Services, Adam is responsible for setting the strategic direction and managing the profitability and day-to-day operations of what functions as SourceMedia’s inside ad agency. The Marketing Services group handles over 500 projects a year for an elite group of financial services clients, ranging from research and lead generation to custom content and digital solutions. Based on his prior positions managing sales, marketing, editorial and technology, Adam brings a unique skill set to marketing services. Currently he also manages the inside sales effort for subscriptions and events as well as circulation marketing. Prior to this role, Adam ran business development and technology, and he began his career at SourceMedia in 2006 as the Group Publisher for the Capital Markets Group, where he launched several M&A products and transitioned a number of print products online, among other accomplishments. Prior to SourceMedia, Adam was a Vice President at Thomson Financial, where his responsibilities included serving as publisher of the private equity group and running the research and data group at Venture Economics. Adam started his financial services career as a reporter for Investment Dealers' Digest, where he covered capital markets and helped launch the Deals of the Year program. Previously, Adam was a reporter at a daily newspaper in Jersey City, NJ. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and lives in New Jersey with his wife and three children.

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