April 17, 2013

IProduction Integrates With ExactTarget

Real-Time Database Bridges Fulfillment and Email Marketing Data Silos

By Steve Laliberte

Many publishers face the challenge of integrating audience data between email marketing systems and legacy fulfillment systems.  IProduction recently implemented integration of ExactTarget web services to IProADB, the leading centralized audience database solution for publishers.

ExactTarget recently announced the Fuel SDK and opened up a powerful interface to the ExactTarget email marketing system.  Using the new SDK, IProduction is able to communicate registration information—including full reader demographics and email list opt-in information—in real time during each type of audience interaction.

This means that any time a digital publisher collects data from a reader—during a white paper registration, web seminar registration, or any type of purchase—the reader is automatically added to the publisher’s ExactTarget lists and all of the reader’s demographic data is added to ExactTarget.

IProduction Offers Robust Fulfillment Integration Options

IProduction has added the ExactTarget web services to the IProADB fulfillment integration management services.  IProduction has developed a suite of integration services to interact with legacy fulfillment systems.  Our integration services use web services or batch file interchange, depending on the evolution of the legacy system.   The interchange service is able to match fulfillment readers to online readers and identify new audience members that may have entered the system through traditional fulfillment processes like controlled circulation subscription cards.  IProADB identifies these readers and communicates the data to ExactTarget, including reader demographics.

Real-Time Reader Profile Management Eradicates Customer Service Headache

Managing opt-out transactions can be a major source of customer service headaches.  For many publishers it is nearly impossible to insure that a reader can successfully opt out of mailing lists when several systems are used.  IProADB provides a centralized reader profile service that can be used through Drupal, WordPress, and IProCMS.  The profile services are now connected to ExactTarget so readers can manage their list subscriptions from their profiles on the publisher’s website.  Changes are made in real time.

“The ExactTarget integration has been very effective for us” says Aneel Tejwaney, CTO at SourceMedia.  “We utilize ExactTarget for our marketing email and IProMail for our editorial email.  Separating our promotional mailings from our editorial mailings has improved deliverability on both fronts.  Now that we are able to keep ExactTarget up to date on a real time basis, we are able to respond quickly to cross-selling opportunities.”