February 3, 2014

MailZeen Overview

MailZeen is the marketing automation system that is built into IProduction.  There are a number of great advantages when the CMS is “Aware” of the mailing system.  These include:

Ease of creating e-newsletters and promotions from CMS content

Inserting Ad Server Ads in E-newsletters

Some of the most valuable advertising space is in e-newsletters.  The click rate is often 10 times higher than ads on the site.  IProduction MailZeen is the only email system that will select ads from an advertising server when an email message is constructed.  This simplifies your email workflow – you can traffic ads from your ad server and avoid the error prone cutting and pasting of advertising html and links.

Integrating e-newsletter registrations into the website

With IProduction MailZeen you can include newsletter opt in on all of your forms.  Get opt ins with site registration, lead generation forms, and of course purchase forms.

Email engagement as part of reader profile

Read more about the data stored in an IProduction reader profile.


Ability to track email to sales activity