July 15, 2011

CQ Roll Call Is First Customer to Integrate Online IProduction Internet Publishing Platform With K4 Editorial Management System

St. Paul, MN July 15, 2011 — iProduction, the leading Internet publishing platform for multi-title online publishers, has completed its K4 NITF import module. This new module allows publishers who have invested in K4, a Cross Media Platform, to add online editorial workflow to their web and e-newsletter publishing processes. The K4 platform is sold and supported by Pennsylvania-based MEI, Inc. 

Publishers have traditionally managed their content for use primarily in print-based systems and processes, from organization, fact checking and editing to the processing of photographs. The integration of a print system and an online publishing system allows publishers to maintain a single editorial process for both print and online. "This saves a great deal of time and provides the publisher with the option to go ’web first’ on breaking stories," explains Steve Laliberte, president of iProduction.

CQ Roll Call, a political website that covers the inside workings of Capitol Hill, has recently deployed the iProduction K4 NITF integration module. "The key benefit of integration is that in one process, an editor can direct the content to the proper location and the investment in that content is retained," says Mike Mills Editorial Director and Senior Vice President.  "With this integration, we now tag the editorial content within K4 so that when it flows into our online iProduction publishing system, it automatically updates the correct pages, sections, menus, and e-newsletters.  RollCall.com, the Morning Headlines and Around the Hill e-newsletters, and even breaking news stories that originate in K4 do not have to be ’re-purposed’ for online distribution."

In addition to editorial process integration, the K4 NITF import module incorporates the concept of volume and issue of print content.  When a story for a new issue of a periodical flows into iProduction, the system automatically creates the new issue(s) and organizes additional stories within the issue.  This automatically maintains the current issue and archives on the website.  Another feature is the awareness of Members of Congress tagging.  Virtually all CQ Roll Call content pertains to members of Congress, and with this tagging feature, any story published on the website will contain hot links to information about the members mentioned in the article.  Each member’s page contains the member’s profile and a list of all articles about that member.

The K4 NITF import module is now available as part of the iProduction SaaS platform.

About CQ Roll Call
A wholly-owned subsidiary of The Economist, CQ Roll Call provides readers with up-to-the-minute news of the legislative and political maneuvers that happen every day on Capitol Hill. Founded in 1955, CQ Roll Call is widely considered “the newspaper of Capitol Hill.” CQ Roll Call delivers breaking congressional news and behind-the-scenes intelligence on the people, politics and personalities of Capitol Hill. CQ Roll Call provides news and information that is considered indispensable for members of Congress and their staffs.

About iProduction
With more than 15 years of Internet publishing experience, iProduction offers the most advanced Internet publishing platform on the market today. This flexible, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provides multi-title publishers with everything they require to build and grow their digital businesses.  iProduction provides world-class content management and circulation capabilities, as well as monetization tools that allow publishers to market their highly qualified readership across numerous publications. A growing number of leading publishers including SourceMedia, Belvoir Media Group and Economist CQ Roll Call rely on iProduction to host nearly a hundred sites and service millions of readers. For more information, visit www.iProduction.com

About MEI
Managing Editor Inc., MEI, is a leading developer of quality, proven software for the evolving publishing industry. MEI specializes in providing tools that manage content for any output medium — print, online, tablets. The Page Director® Series of Advertising and Classified Layout Systems, vjoon K4 Cross-Media Publishing Platform, Integrated Production Suite (IPS) and IPS AdTrac deliver automated pagination, workflow and digital asset management for newspapers, magazines and other publishing markets. Additional information about MEI’s products and services can be found at www.maned.com.