June 10, 2014

Video Tutorials Now Available

We are pleased to announce a new video tutorial series.  The series consists of short videos each between two and three minutes long.  Each tutorial will show how to perform a specific task.   The tutorials are designed to help a new person quickly become productive using iProduction and the help an infrequent user to remember how to do a function.  The series is professionally produced and narrated. 

The tutorials are available at www.iProduction.com/tutorials.  Here is a list of the lessons to date.

iProduction Overview

This one minute video presents a general overview of the iProduction advanced content management system.

Login and Navigation

This 90 second video will show you how to login and navigate iProduciton.  

Email System Overview

This two minute video provides a general overview of the three main parts of the email system including Editorial Mailings, Promotional Mailings, Auto Responders, and the QueryBuilder.

Post an Article

This 2 minute video will lead you through creating an article.  

How to Create and Post an Issue

This 2 minute tutorial will quickly show you how to create and post a collection of articles as an issue of a publication.

Find and Update a Reader

This 2 minute video will show you how to locate a reader and update settings and data.

Create and Send a Promotional Email Message

To create a promotional email message, select the Email tab and then select Promotional Mailings from the Administration short cuts. The list of promotional mailing templates and pages will display.  Each template will have one or more content containers.  Containers are used to add free form text, HTML, or select content from Articles.

Create a Promotional Email Segment With QueryBuilder

This 2 minute video provides the basic information needed to use QueryBuilder to access the audience database to generate email segments.