February 2, 2014

Article Content Containers

IProduction provides a number of content management features that draw readers deeper into content and provide an exceptional reader experience.  IProduction also provides valuable features that support revenue generation through advertising and features to build subscriptions and sell products.

Registration Offer

This is a unique IProduction feature that was originally developed by publishers.  Publishers know the value of building a reader base that is engaged by sending content to readers via email on a regular basis.  The size of the list, frequency of content sending, and the growth of the list are key components for building a successful digital publication.  On IProduction sites, the pages are aware of the reader’s engagement with the brand.  If the reader is unknown, the site presents a registration offer.  If the reader is known, the site will present an offer for a paid subscription, event registration, or product sale.  This is unique to IProduction.  It is call Conversion Architecture - check out this short video that explains the benefits.

Social Sharing Tool

This container is a regular feature that gives you the ability to share your content with others and grow your social presence.

Article Components

With IProduction you can easily control dates, titles, and sub titiles.  There is a full featured editor for controlling the look of the body of articles.


IProduction provides integration with all advertising servers including the free Google Ad Manager and Double Click for Publishers.  Ads can be requested based on content tagging to traffic ads to sections of the site.  Ads can also be requested based on device type and display size.  This provides a key feature for responsive websites.  You can change the ad requested based on the responsive page display size.  You can traffic mobile ads to mobile readers and full size ads to desktop readers.  IProduction is unique in its ability to request ads based reader engagement.  Because IProduction maintains a reader profile that is available while the reader is on the site, ads can be requested based on registration status, subscription status, product purchase activity, and reading preferences.  Why advertise a product that the reader has already purchased?

Publication Index

If you manage publication content, IProduction has features like presenting a “Current Issue” index, topic index, and past issues.


IProduction provides for image management within an article.  The innovative image upload resizing simplifies workflow.  A large raw image is uploaded for use in an article and is automatically resized into multiple optimized images for use in the article, mid size for home page placement, and a small image for use in lists and on search results.  All images are automatically distributed to the “Content Distribution Network” providing exceptionally fast and crisp page display.

Shoulder Boxes

A shoulder box is another unique IProduction feature.  A shoulder box is a content call out that is part of the article.  These containers can be labeled, include photos, and links to other content.  The content can be display in any number of creative formats.  Shoulder boxes are created and populated by the webmaster providing value added content linking that is selected by the writer.

Related Content

This container is a fully automated list of related content.  The lists can set to select a number of stories for the topic or topics associated with an article.  The number of items and the presentation an be controlled.