November 11, 2011

CMS Enhancement Includes Photo Gallery and Automatic Photo Resizing

Photos add vitality to content but can be costly to process effectively.  This update of IProduction's content management system provided drag and drop photo galleries and automatic photo resizing.

Photo Gallery

Photos from industry events generate lots of page views.  To facilitate this, IProduction has released a photo gallery Administration module.  A group of photos can be uploaded at simultaneously.  The images are resized during the uploaded process.  This eliminates pre-processing by the editorial staff.  New photos can now be uploaded through drag and drop. The order of the album can easily be modified by dragging photos to the new location.  The cover photo also can be marked.  Best of all, photo albums can be tagged with the site’s taxonomy so they can be automatically placed as “Related Items”.  Any text used to name or caption the photo is available in the site search.



Automatic Photo Resizing

An article will often include a large photo.  A small version of the photo may appear in a list of articles.  The home page may feature the article and display a mid-size version of the image.  Many CMSs deal with image resizing using image size tags.  This will cause the browser to receive a large image and then re-size the image to meet the design.  This technique causes slow page delivery because of the large image transfer time and the time it takes the browser to re-size the image.  This is most harmful when viewing the image on a smartphone that may not have a fast connection.

The automatic photo resizing will accept a large image during the upload and automatically re-size the image to the sizes defined in the design.  A unique image is created for each needed size.  Each image is saved on the content distribution network.  Each page requests the correct image to meet the needed size.  This results in brilliant images on pages that deliver quickly.