June 20, 2013

IProduction Feature: IProDRM

By Ipro Staff


More than ever, digital subscriptions are booming. But merging the data from digital publications, websites, e-books, digital downloads, and site licenses isn’t as easy as clicking that interactive video in Fast Company’s latest issue. That’s why IProduction offers digital rights management solutions.

IProduction’s Digital Rights Management tool allows you to manage your digital publishing with ease. IProDRM has the power to merge your print and digital audience base. This tool will give you power over subscription renewals that you’ve always hoped for. You’ll also receive stronger audience data with both your print and digital databases interacting, creating better ways to connect to each audience member.

Mobile applications such as Zinio show off the new ability for publishers to package their print in digital form with interactive pages, advertising videos, and the opportunity for more purchases. Publishers have no problem creating the content to put in digital publications, but they don’t always have the means to digitally format and protect that content. That’s where IProDRM can help. We can take your content, format it for whichever digital publishing platform you desire, and keep track of your sales. We can do the same for other digital downloads that you’d like the audience to pay for.   You don’t even have to change fulfillment systems!

With IProDRM, you’ll never have to wonder if someone is sharing your premium digital content without permission—we’ll track it for you and let you know when suspicious activity occurs.

IProDRM also covers your site licenses. Instead of relying on a fulfillment system to organize all the site license readers, you can create and assign site licenses—as well as manage people that have access to the site.

Moving from the tangible, touchable world of print into the more convoluted digital realm isn’t easy. With IProDRM, IProduction can help your audience continue to get the quality content your publication offers—and we’ll help you get it to them with ease.