October 17, 2012

Case Study: Healthcare Innovation Center – An Integrated Lead Generation Microsite

In October of 2012, SourceMedia’s Health Data Management, an online B2B magazine, created the Healthcare Innovation Center. This online microsite takes the form of a virtual hospital in which healthcare CIOs, CMIOs, IT directors and others can learn about innovations in the field. The site’s “content map” is displayed as a hospital floor plan, where each “department” of the virtual hospital offers editorial content including video and whitepapers, along with information from sponsoring companies. Sponsors’ showcases provide visitors with product details and case studies, and allow visitors to chat with healthcare IT experts. The system, in turn, provides readers’ contact and demographic information, along with page view histories, as leads to sponsors.

Healthcare Innovation Center takes the form of a virtual hospital in which healthcare CIOs, CMIOs, IT directors and others can learn about innovations in the field.

The site takes an innovative approach to lead generation and is designed for the utmost transparency for the busy professionals who use it. The Innovation Center recognizes registered readers of Health Data Management, eliminating the need for them to register at the microsite. Non-registered visitors are asked to register just once when they arrive at the site, and that information follows them from department to department and is retained for future visits. At the time of registration (or any time later) the registrant can sign up for any of the free e-newsletters the company publishes.

Healthcare Innovation Center's enewsletter registration form.

Once a reader has registered, they need never register again either at the microsite or any other Health Data Management site. This is achieved through use of the IPro Audience Database Builder, a cloud-based system that can join all of a publisher’s web services-enabled applications into a single audience database. This was particularly critical in this application because in addition to IProLeads, Health Data Management is using two different CMSs. The publication’s primary site, www.healthdatamanagement.com, is served by IProduction’s IProCMS content management system, while the Innovation Center microsite runs on a Drupal CMS selected by the San Francisco design firm that that built the microsite.

IProADB Provides Drupal Audience Database Integration

The site was developed jointly by SourceMedia’s digital operations team and Health Data Management’s editorial staff.  The IProADB audience database builder provides database integration and services for the site. Using IProADB, the team was able to avoid creating an isolated data silo to store leads gathered by the site.

Aneel Tajwaney, SVP of Technology at SourceMedia comments “We have invested heavily in creating a single audience database and I was determined to provide a method of easily integrating lead generation sites. We use IProLeads to collect and distribute our leads for white papers, videos, and web seminars. It makes a lot of sense to extend the feature to microsites. IProADB allowed us to do that. We also avoid asking our regular readers to register again for another site just because it runs on a different domain.”

IPro Audience Database Builder

IProADB is designed to fit neatly between the content management system (CMS) that manages your website and the vendor systems that manage fulfillment, web seminars, email, and other reader-facing operations. Or, as in this case, it can collect and share data from two CMSs. The resulting database can encompass all online interactions between reader and publisher including:

  • subscriptions and renewals
  • website registration data
  • web page views
  • e-newsletter opt-ins
  • email sends and opens
  • e-commerce purchases
  • leads generated
  • event attendance
  • whitepaper downloads and more


IProLeads gives you the tools that you need to capture and communicate leads to advertisers. The asset being offered could be a white paper, a web seminar, a video, or access to a microsite, and registration to receive that asset can require contact and demographic information as well as answers to questions. The sponsoring advertiser receives a data file containing the leads along with all data collected from the reader. And, through IProADB, the information can become part of the publisher’s central audience database.