February 4, 2014

MailZeen Dashboard

IProduction MailZeen is the only email system that manages circulations as apposed to lists.  What’s the difference?  It is a secret publishers know.  A list is a population that is assembled for the purpose of promotion.  Most of the readers are not engaged.  MailZeen lets you manage lists and has special features to manage circulations.  These are special editorial lists that are Opt-in only.  They are the people who subscribe to your editorial newsletters.  It may be your blog, your daily breaking news, or your tip of the week.  It may be a paid subscription.  It is circulation because you actively work recruiting new registrations and you closely monitor opt outs and bounce outs.  The size of these lists and the frequency drive the majority of the page views on your site.  MailZeem provides circulation metrics that you will not find in any other marketing automation system.

No other mailing system has the circulation reporting found in IProduction MailZeen.  Knowing circulation trends over time is key to success of your digital strategy.