February 11, 2013

Social Login Comes to IProduction’s Publishing Platform

B2B Publishers Can Offer Social Login to Subscribers

IProduction announced today the addition of social login integration for its audience database software, called IProADB.  The new social login feature allows B2B publishers to add social login options to their websites and allows readers to use their social identities to register or subscribe to publishers’ websites.  The social login feature does not work just with IProduction’s CMS.  It also works with leading CMS systems WordPress and Drupal.

Social login benefits both the reader and the publisher. Social Connect from IProduction gives readers opportunities to build their professional networks by displaying callout boxes listing their LinkedIn connections to any person mentioned in the content they read.

Social login also eases the reader’s experience by eliminating the need to create a separate account on the publisher’s website.

For publishers, Social Connect simplifies the registration and subscription process and adds deeper reader profile data to publishers’ audience databases.  This information includes:

  • Name
  • About me
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Current position – company and description
  • Previous positions
  • LinkedIn profile URL
  • Interests
  • Job interests

Publishers can use this data to autocomplete registration/subscription forms.  Even more valuable, the data will be recorded in the audience database and appended to lead generation reports. 

“By offering Social Connect to their readers and subscribers, publishers can direct even more tightly targeted editorial and advertising content to their readers,” said Steve Laliberte, IProduction president.  “It fits into the concept of matrix advertising.  Advertisers pay a premium to get their content in front of readers about whom the maximum amount of information is known.  Social Connect goes a long way toward meeting this goal.”