News Uses IProCMS to Enable Responsive Design

November 12, 2012 - IProduction customer uses IProCMS to achieve responsive design. uses fixed designs for various devices. When a user accesses the site with a mobile device, the display controller recognizes the device and changes the CSS3 style to format the mobile display. The result is an excellent mobile experience delivered very quickly. Read more

Case Study: Healthcare Innovation Center – An Integrated Lead Generation Microsite

Case Study: Healthcare Innovation Center – An Integrated Lead Generation Microsite

October 17, 2012 - In October of 2012, SourceMedia’s Health Data Management, an online B2B magazine, created the Healthcare Innovation Center. This online microsite takes the form of a virtual hospital in which healthcare CIOs, CMIOs, IT directors and others can learn about innovations in the field. The site’s “content map” is displayed as a hospital floor plan, where each “department” of the virtual hospital offers editorial content including video and whitepapers, along with information from sponsoring companies. Read more

Case Study: IProADB Integrates Autism File With Belvoir Media Group’s Company Systems

Case Study: IProADB Integrates Autism File With Belvoir Media Group’s Company Systems

October 17, 2012 - Belvoir Media Group LLC is a leading publisher of reader-focused magazines, newsletters, books, web sites, and electronic media. The company’s information products cover interests from human wellness and organic living to antiques, sailboats, pet care, and general aviation. Over the past ten years, Belvoir has evolved through the digital transformation and developed a proven model of online and print that features robust socially integrated websites. Read more

Standalone Version of IPro Audience Database Builder Now Available

October 16, 2012 - In response to customer demand, IProduction now offers its unique audience database builder as a standalone service for online publishers using WordPress or Drupal content management systems. IProADB solves the problem of audience data scattered among silos—CMS, fulfillment, event management, newsletter distribution, etc.—by gathering data in real time into a single database accessible by all of the publisher’s audience-facing applications. Read more

SourceMedia Digital Transformation Case Study

SourceMedia Digital Transformation Case Study

May 30, 2012 - SourceMedia transformed 32 website to achieve a 30% lift in subscriptions and leads. Adam Reinebach addresses the American Business Media conference with this case study. Read more

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Case Studies

SourceMedia maintains a user-friendly experience for busy professionals without losing critical lead generation at its microsite Healthcare Innovation Center, all by using IProADB and IProLeads.

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The WordPress plug-in for IProADB allowed Belvoir Media Group LLC to integrate its newly acquired publication -- Autism File -- with its other publications that use a different CMS.

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Surviving the Digital Transformation

If the Internet is all about content, magazine publishers should logically have had a head start on everyone else in the race to online success. The problem is that the systems publishers have traditionally used for distributing content, establishing relationships with an audience, and financially supporting their operations evolved in and for the world of paper-based publishing.

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