February 10, 2014

Inside Social Login at IProduction

By Steve Laliberte

In a recent study conducted by EMedia Vitals and Folio, 400 digital publishers were asked to rate the importance of digital publishing features.  The number one response was integration with social media.

IProduction responded to this need and added “Social Connect” to its Audience Database Builder (IProADB).  Social connect provides the ability for a publisher to allow readers to use their social media login credentials to sign up for websites, e-newsletters, subscriptions, lead generation content, events, web seminars, and paid access content. 

Here is how it works.  When the reader is asked to complete a form, they have the option to create an account or use their social media account.


The publisher may choose from any of 20 social login providers. 

If the reader elects to register with one of the social accounts, the following menu appears.


When the reader selects a system, they are prompted to log in and grant the publisher access to their social data.


When the login is completed, the publisher’s website is able to request reader data from the social account.

Each social media network will return different information.  Here are the data items available from the major social media networks.


The information can be used in the future to autocomplete a website qualification form or e-commerce form.