The iProduction internet publishing platform lets you manage editorial content, develop your audience, and turn those assets into revenue.

The iProduction publishing platform is designed and built specifically for multi-title, online publishing. It embraces proven internet publishing strategies while honoring the best practices and processes of print publishing.

As publishers continue to expand their online businesses, many are faced with unwieldy and incompatible systems for content management, e-commerce and marketing automation.

Most of these systems are not optimized for publishing. Worst yet, they make it virtually impossible for multi-title publishers to aggregate reader data into a single version of the truth.

The iProduction platform is completely integrated and provides you with a single repository of information about your readers across all titles. It uses the most advanced technology, providing you with an always up-to-date, always available solution.

iProduction provides three fully integrated modules for each critical area of your publishing business:

Editorial Management

iProduction simplifies content delivery. It consolidates presentation of web pages, videos, editorial e-newsletters, podcasts, white papers, blogs.

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Audience Development

iProduction builds circulation. Working with one or more fulfillment systems, iProduction controls delivery of content based on each visitor's profile and registration/subscription status.

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iProduction turns assets into revenue. It supports all aspects of revenue production, including sales of subscriptions and products, advertising placement, lead generation, and advertiser sponsorships.

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