Create a Promotional Email Segment With QueryBuilder

This two minute video provides the basic information needed to use QueryBuilder to access the audience database to generate email segments.

To create a promotional mailing segment, select the Email tab and then the Query Builder link.

A list of saved queries will be displayed.  You can save common queries that you can use over and over to create fresh segments.

From the left navigation, select Add Query. 

Enter a name for your query.  This is the name that will be used if you save your query.

The description is to remind you of what your query is for. 

Enter the name for the list segment that will be created if you save the query results.

Queries results can be split into A/B lists.  To do this, check the split box and then select the percentage split.  Two lists will be created according to the selected split.

The next step is to define the query conditions.  Select the link to add a new condition.

You will see the list of available database tables.

In this example let’s begin by selecting a group of readers who were created within a date range.   Cursor over the ReaderUser table and then select the CreatedDate. 

A condition will be created with default settings.

We want to use between rather than “is” so click on “is” in the query condition.  Then move down and select “is between”.

Click on each date and use the calendar icon to select the desired dates.

As you add query conditions, it is helpful to run the query between each step.  This will give you a feel for the number of readers selected by each condition.

Scroll down and select  “Run Query”.

The query results will be displayed along with the SQL that was used in the Query.

Click to add another condition. Select the Registration table and Company.  We will find all the readers with companies that begin with Apple.

If you decide to remove a condition, click the down arrow and select Delete.

When your query is ready, you can save the query results to a Text File, an Excel File, or Save to a list segment.

 Select Save to List and the query will be saved as a segment under the Promotional Mailing Lists.

The confirm dialog box will display.

Select OK to create the mailing list segment.

The list will be created and the Success dialog box will be displayed.

From the left navigation, select Promotional Mailings Lists link to see your new segment.

This list can now be used to send mailings to the individuals in the segment.