Create and Send a Promotional Email Message

To create a promotional email message, select the Email tab and then select Promotional Mailings from the Administration short cuts.

The list of promotional mailing templates and pages will display.  Each template will have one or more content containers.  Containers are used to add free form text, HTML, or select content from Articles.

In this example, we will enter free form content using the blank template.

Paste the HTML for the message and select Save.

The container update confirmation page will be displayed.

Select List Pages and then select the Mail icon for the blank.html page.  The message will be generated and saved in the Email module.

Select Edit Mailing to finalize and send the message.

You will see the full HTML of the message.  This will include your text or HTML and any HTML that is included from the template. 

Scroll down and open the delivery options.  Select the desired list of recipients.  Because the message was created from a template, you do not need to select a Mail List Template. 

You can set a desired delivery date and time.  Save the message.

The final step is to approve the message for delivery.  From the left menu select the Approval link from the Promotional Mailings section.  Select the Approve icon to authorize the mailing.  The message will be sent at the defined time.  If the date and time has passed, the message will be sent immediately.