Email System Overview

This two minute video provides a general overview of the three main parts of the email system including Editorial Mailings, Promotional Mailings, Auto Responders, and the QueryBuilder.

The Email module is organized by type of lists and mailings.  The three types are Editorial, Promotional, and Auto Responders.

The system provides a dashboard listing the size of each list and a summary of the change in circulation over the past day.  The health of your website is dependent on the size and growth – the Circulation - of your email lists.

Editorial lists and mailings are used for branded e-newsletters that are opt-in only lists. 

Editorial mailings are sent out using a protected block of IP addresses that are not influenced by any promotional mailings. 

Mailings are tracked through three states: Editable, Approved, and Sent.  Pending messages are created and have yet to be approved.

Messages can be created in the Email module, by using templates in the Pages module, and automatically when Articles are posted.

Click on the Sent mailing link.  There are a number of reports that detail the performance of an email message. 

Delivery Status shows how long it took to deliver to the list.  Click Tracking shows the number of times each link was clicked.  The Bounced Mailings helps you locate and track email addresses that bounce.

The Sent Mailings report provides open and bounce tracking on each message.  The links on the report allow you to download the list of individual’s who opened the message.

Promotional mailings function just like Editorial mailings but contain some additional features.

Click on the Promotional Mailing Lists link. 

There is a special list called Global Opt Outs.  This list contains all of the readers who have opted out of promotions.  All mailings are checked against this list for suppressions.

You can upload prospects into promotional list by using the import icon.

Auto Responders are special lists that are used to send an email series to a group of readers.

These are typically used for renewal series, lead nurturing, and purchase follow up.

The Query Builder is a powerful tool that lets you access the audience database to create promotional mailing lists.

Queries can be created, saved, and reused to create similar lists.

You can build a query that selects readers using multiple selection criteria.

Data is available on readers, subscriptions, purchases, leads, page views, and email opens.

Queries take only seconds to complete.  You will not have to wait for hours to create and send to a query list.