Find and Update a Reader

To find and update a reader, select the customer service tab.

The fastest way to locate a reader is to use email address.†

The Reader ID is the unique reader number assigned by iProduction.† It is contained in all email messages sent from iProduction.

The Account ID is the ID for the customer in your fulfillment system

You can also find readers by searching with part of an email address, last name, or company name.

Enter the last name and select Submit.†

Scroll down to view the search results.† You may need to page through the results.

When you find the correct reader use the Edit icon to access the reader.

The profile for the reader will be displayed.† This panel shows most recent activity and most recent purchase.

If the reader has accessed the site in the last 30 days, you will see the Site Usage panel.

Click the Edit Reader link to change basic information like the readerís email address.

Readers can register for one or more websites.† The left navigation will contain a link for each website registration.† Registrations include unique demographic data for each website.

The next section contains reader address information.† This data is updated each time a reader purchases a product.

Readers may subscribe to one or more publications.†

Use the View Subscription link to see details about a subscription.

Some key information is the expiration date and the invoice for the subscription purchase.

A common reader request is to opt out of email lists.† Select the Email Subscriptions, All link to see all lists.

The check boxes indicate subscriptions.

Un-check the box to opt a reader out of a list, then select Save.

†Reports that detail reader activity are available under the Reports navigation.

Page views by topic will chart the readerís behavior over the last 30 days.

Other links provide page details and details of purchases.