Login and Navigation

To login, go to the administration URL and enter your user ID and password.

The menus that you will see are based on the role assigned to your username.  The roles define the number of top navigation tabs that are presented.  The top navigation provides access to major features of the CMS, Email, and reporting modules.

Your username is also associated with one or more websites.  Use the Change Site drop down to select a different website.

The Articles tab is included for roles that will post content to websites.  This tab provides access to News, Issues, and Blogs.

The Interactive Media tab contains options for managing content that is used to interact with the reader. 

White papers, web seminars, and other content can be used for lead generation. 

Sponsorships give you the ability to create forms that must be completed before a reader can access interactive content.

The Pages tab is used to create and edit pages on the site including the home page, topic landing pages, registration flows and order flows.

Pages are also used to create email messages from templates.

The Email tab is used to create, send, and report on email messages.  The left navigation provides for managing editorial email messages, promotional messages, and auto responder drip campaigns.

There is a powerful feature called Query Builder that is used to create promotional email lists from your audience database.

The Products tab is used to manage the information associated with products that you sell.  You can define publications, subscription offers, and manage your product catalog.

You can also manage promotional pop-ups called Offers In Editorial (OFIE) for short.

The reports tab presents a suite of reports that cover sales, invoices, registrations, email, circulation, and analytics.

Use the Utilities module to manage your email links, redirects, and database management for authors and other databases that are configured for your company.

Customer service is where you look up customers.  You can find them by email address, name, company, reader ID and other options.