Post an Article

To post an article, select the Articles Tab and then select the desired publication.   

You will see a list of recent articles organized by category. 

To create new content go to Actions and select Add Story

Enter the title of your article. 

You can connect the article to an author using the author database.

Enter a by line credit. 

The snippet is optional.  If you leave it blank, the system will automatically populate it with the first paragraph.  Snippets are used when the article is placed in topic pages, lists, and search results.

Category is a required field. 

Use primary topic and additional topics to tag  your content.

Paste your article into the Body.

If you need to change or add formatting, use text editing features.

Use the Search Engine Optimization section to enhance your content for searching. 

Enter URL keywords or use the widget to generate the keywords from the title.

Click show images to add an image.

Click Add Image to select an image from your PC.  The image name will be filled in from the image you select.