Spending on online advertising will increase 15–20% this year.

Will you get your share?

Does your rate card reflect the growth in demand for your online audience? Mid-size and multi-title publishers consistently undervalue their digital readers, leaving significant ad revenue on the table.

IProduction can help you unlock the full value of your digital assets, integrating content, digital circulation and revenue operations to fully leverage your valuable brands.

Much more than a content management system, IProduction helps you read your audience’s “digital body language.” With IProduction you put the right content and offers in front of readers at the right time, moving them from an unknown to a highly qualified state—giving you better intelligence on all your audiences. So you can stop selling banner ad space and start selling your qualified digital audience.

IProduction turns assets into revenue.

It drives sales of subscriptions and products, advertising placement, lead generation, event registrations and advertiser sponsorships. Learn more about monetization.

IProduction simplifies content delivery.

It streamlines presentation of web pages, videos, editorial e-newsletters, web seminars, white papers, blogs. Learn more about editorial management.

IProduction builds audience.

IProduction places all of your audience data in one database including registrations, e-newsletter list management, lead generation, and e-commerce. Working with one or more fulfillment systems, IProduction controls access to content based on subscriptions. Learn more about audience development.

IProduction does all this from a single platform that gives you a comprehensive view of your digital operations and audiences. And because it’s web-based, IProduction can be rolled out to everyone quickly, regardless of the number of titles or circulation. It won’t disrupt the processes you have in place. It will simply make them better.