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SourceMedia centralizes its online publishing with IProduction

Circulation and subscriptions grow substantially. Centralized audience database allows SourceMedia to market greater value to advertisers.

In 2007, SourceMedia was supporting 33 websites on three different Content Management Systems (CMS).  The IT department had developed a number of applications to service lead generation, e-list management, a shopping cart and website access control management.  Each of these applications utilized a unique database of customers.  This collection of systems resulted in high labor costs for maintenance and increasingly faulty systems.

The company embarked on an Open Source project to build and centralize its CMS platforms.  This project consumed such a large portion of the IT department resources that many of the business units were left without support resources.

The Technology and Newsletter business units engaged IProduction to support their digital publishing efforts until the open source system was completed.  During 2007, IProduction implemented 12 website and 25 editorial e-newsletters.  In that process, all sites were converted to utilize the IProduction e-newsletter registration, lead generation and e-commerce systems.  This centralized all audience interaction in a single database.  IProduction added plug-ins to the Fulfillment Interchange to support the two fulfillment systems used by the different brands.  By integrating all audience interactions, SourceMedia was able to capture e-newsletter registrations along with web seminar registrations, white paper registrations, and all e-commerce transactions.  This increased the growth rate of all editorial e-newsletters.  The increased e-newsletter circulation also led to increased page views for the website. 

In Q4 2008, the open source project was behind schedule and consuming more resources than planned.  Based on the IProduction success, on time delivery and lower cost, the SourceMedia management awarded IProduction the financial group sites.  In 2009, IProduction converted the Financial Planning and Banking sites.  A total of 14 sites were implemented including the flagship  Again, the IProduction conversion architecture which centralizes audience development interactions resulted in increased e-newsletter circulations, page views, and subscription sales.  In 2010, the last platform that supported the mortgage sites was converted to IProduction.  

SourceMedia is a leading publisher of news, analysis, research, data and insights for members of the financial services community and related fields in professional services and technology. SourceMedia offers publications and online information services, industry-standard data applications and in-depth seminars and conferences to its clients and subscribers.

Working with SourceMedia since 2007, IProduction now supports 31 websites, and more than 100 e-newsletters, and manages an audience of over one million readers.