There are two components to the monthly hosting fee. The first component is the module fee and the second component is page views. Rather than charge one fee for all websites we charge based on the functionality used in the website. You may have a main site that needs lots of modules and integrations and you may have one or two small sites that are simple and just need to present content. This pricing structure provides for fair pricing of both types of sites. Here are the monthly module fees.

ModuleMonthly Fee
Basic Site$60
Content Gating$90
Group Subscriptions$90
Email Integration$80
Fulfillment Integration$100
Calendar of Events$50

The second component of the monthly fee is the page view fee. You pay for pages delivered. This number comes from your Google Analytics account. Part of the basic site module is a Google Analytics plug-in. Here is the schedule:

Price/moPage Views

Each level has an CPM. Actual page views will be calculated each month using the actual Google Analytics page views for the prior month multiplied by the CPM for the price level.