IProduction is used by publishers, agencies, and companies to manage high demand websites that are intuitive to operate.

Content Management

Most CMS systems are general in nature. They are used for the local restaurant, the small company intranet, or for the promotion of a non-profit.

When you have a site that sells content or uses content to sell products, you use the website to generate revenue. Your website needs to increase geometrically. Your site needs to know something about the person using it.

How many times do you go to a site, buy some content, and then on the very next page, they try to sell you the content you just purchased. That is an example of a site where the CMS is unaware of the ecommerce system.

The IProduction platform goes beyond traditional content management systems by integrating the key features needed by every webmaster.

With IProduction the CMS knows about ecommerce activity, email activity, and reader usage while the reader is on your site. This means that you can target the reader with the correct next offer.

The purpose of your content site is to Convert readers from unknown, to known, to paid, to repeat purchaser. With IProduction, you can do this with every web page and every email message you send.

Email Marketing

If you are sending your enewsletter from your marketing automation system, you may be killing your business.

These systems send your enewsletters through the same IP addresses and domains used in your promotions. Each time a reader marks your promotional email as spam, the reputation of your content right enewsletter is also affected.

Open rates on enewsletters should be 5 times higher than open rates on marketing email messages. Mixing the two practically guarantees a drop in newsletter deliveries and opens.

With IProduction you separate church and state. You need to covet your registered and paid readers.

IProduction also provides A/B testing of versions of newsletters. If an email system support this at all, they typically split the list and deliver one after the other. Did you know that the second email will always under perform?

IProduction interleaves delivery so that you are comparing apple to apples on opens and clicks. Good luck finding someone in a marketing automation firm who even knows how things work.


Did you know that the Wall Street Journal does not use a "Shopping Cart?" What do they know that you don't know?

They have the resources to test offers and different presentations. Using a typical shopping cart presentation will reduce your sales by double digit percentages. How do we know? We've helped build these systems for large publishers for years. We have seen the numbers.

Most ecommerce systems are designed to sell T shirts in many sizes and many colors using discount coupon codes. Trying to make these systems effectively sell content simply does not work.

IProduction offers unique features that are key to your success as a content marketer.

Unique purchase flows to lead readers through a simple purchase and checkout process. Multi-product order flows featuring related content on a single checkout page to increase the average order amount.

Ability to offer different formats of the same product at different prices. Did you know that a reader will pay more for a report in Excel format than a PDF format? Some readers will even purchase both!

Plugins & Sponsored Content

IProduction has integrated with dozens of third party vendors and services.

Are you currently hosted on WordPress or a similar generic site builder? Don't spend another minute trying to find that perfect plugin or worse, trying to update a plugin once you've got it working just the way you want.

There are a ton of great niche products available that provide everything from in depth site analytics to document encryption to legacy fulfillment. IProduction has the experience to build seamless integrations with whichever service you need to tack on.

Is your advertisor looking for a custom landing page? Does their content require unique gating business rules?

IProduction has seen it all. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly deliver microsites, custom media and sponsored content and present that content in a way that meets your clients' expectations.

Logged in readers will be able to seamlessly read and access this content while the platform provides you with reports letting you know who went where.