The king of the hill is Google Analytics.  It has tons of data but not much information.  It is important to know how a site’s page views and visits.  But how often do we act on browser data or even geography?  At the end of the day we need to know how visitors are engaging and moving through conversion processes toward sales.  Some of this data lives in the web server, some of it lives in the email marketing service, and some in the e-commerce system. 

The Analytics/Metrics module brings together data from the email system, the e-commerce system and the website to provide key metric reporting that including e-newsletter registrations, email send and open rates, and sales.  The big value add is that you can see who purchased!  The sales data is integrated with the email data so you can see how many sales result from a pay per click campaign that promoted your free e-newsletter.  You can see the lifetime value of sales generated from campaigns.  No other system provides this level of data integration.