Basic Website Module

The basic website includes one website with a responsive theme.  The basic website delivers web pages and blog post pages.  What makes iProduction so unique is the infrastructure and Best Practices build into the Basic module. Here are some of the features included in the basic website module.


The website and hosting environment is secure.  We have built in industry best practices to ensure the most secure environment possible.  This includes delivering the entire site use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).  This is the little lock that you see at the top of your browser.  It means that all the information flowing between a reader and the website is encrypted.  If a hacker is intercepting your interaction with the website they can’t see the text you enter.  This is a key feature for protecting credit card and personal information.

Denial Of Service Attack Prevention

There are bad guys on the internet whose job or hobby is bringing sites down.  We went to school on this with a website called  Almost daily the site was attacked by robots programmed to crash the site.  The Basic module has built in defenses that stop denial of service attacks.  This is a key feature for constant availability.  If you are selling products and advertising you can’t afford an outage.

Site Speed

How many times do you go to a website only to leave because after 15 seconds nothing has displayed?  What does that say about the company or product?  Nothing hurts your brand and SEO more than slow pages.  It is easy to deliver fast pages that are static and never change.  It is another story to deliver complex pages that dynamically place content, change content based on gating, or present complex ecommerce pages.  The Basic package includes cascading levels of page speed technology.  This includes full page caching, object caching, database query caching and a content distribution network.  You will not get this from your local website developer or a mass market hosting service.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

There are things you and your website must do to ensure that your pages appear at the top of Google searches.  Some of this requires you to enter tags and content that Google needs.  Many of the SEO techniques can be built into your website and the hosting platform.  The Basic module has all of these features including keyword optimization, XML site map, site speed, and content optimization.  For details download our SEO Best Practices white paper.


By hosting on AWS (Amazon Web Services) your website is scalable.  You would rejoice if your website goes from 50,000 page views per month to 500,000.  You would cry if the website got slow and constantly crashed because it was not scalable.  The Basic module is scalable without upgrade or redesign.