The purpose of module based pricing is to fairly allocate the price/cost of a website and the website’s functionality.  There is a myth in the WordPress market.  WordPress can do almost everything.  The truth is the basic WordPress installation with no plug-ins will result in a site that can have a great design.  It can look great and be responsive – look great on phones.  It can display static pages – pages that don’t have content like a calendar that changes.  It can display blog pages that contain blog posts and allow commenting.  That is it.  This is the site that you can get on a consumer hosting service like for $29.00 per month.

If you need more functionality like presenting ads on the site from an advertising server or e-commerce or charging for access to content or a host of other features, plug-ins must be added.  There are literally tens of thousands of plug-ins for WordPress.  Like so many other gold rush emerging markets, many of the plug-ins don’t work and most of the plug-ins don’t integrate.  Not integrating is when adding one plug-in breaks another plug-in.  Or adding a plug-in causes page display time to drop from two seconds to fifteen seconds.

The iProduction Platform is a WordPress solution that is delivered using Amazon Web Services.  The same service that hosts Netflixs!  The same service that host Amazon!  AWS is largest most secure and most reliable service in the world.

IProduction has selected, integrated, tested and approved plug-ins for WordPress that provide needed capabilities.  In addition we have integrated a number of 3rd party providers to provide “Best of Breed” website hosting, security, SEO, email marketing, analytics/metrics, ecommerce, gateway processing, and fulfillment systems.

Every solution includes the Basic Website.  Modules are added to implement needed functionality.  If your main goal on the website is to sell products you will need Basic and Ecommerce.  If you will be selling advertising on the site you will need to add the advertising module.  If you sell digital content you will need the Content Gating Module.